Sudoku Pro

Sudoku Pro (SP) 2.0

Sudoku for professionals


  • Pencil and drawing mode
  • Create own puzzles


  • The colours annoyed me a little

Very good

If you're a Sudoku lover but sometimes find the puzzles a bit too easy and want a new challenge then this pro version of the numerical brainteaser could be for you. However, if you're not so confident and always play with a pencil rather than a pen don't worry, there are plenty of easy levels here as well. Sudoku Pro is offering plenty of options.

For me, Sudoku is sometimes not as fulfilling to play on a mobile as on the back of a newspaper but there are two options here that make up for that: Pencil mode, where you can fill in your answers in rough before being sure; and drawing mode, which is similar but allows you to put several numbers in the same box to improve your prospects. Also, you can create your own puzzles which is great for transferring grids from newspapers when you don¡'t want to keep the tatty paper with you all day. There are lots of levels for all players and lots of fun options making this a Sudoku master to savour.

Professionaly solve sudoku puzzles
in this professionaly made sudoku game.

Play thousands of logical, solvable sudoku puzzles. Game built for logic training. Even easy puzzles will get you to think, not just clicking and placing numbers. The goal of the game is to solve the 9x9 cell grid of numbers, so that each row, column and 3x3 cell block contains numbers 1 through 9.


  • Most suitable interface for solving sudoku
  • Real sudoku puzzles
  • 4 puzzle difficulties
  • Hint options
  • Pencil modes (simple and smart)
  • Quick Load/Save option
  • Auto save on exit
  • Drawing mode (to place visual marks on puzzle)
  • Small number crossing option
  • Undo option
  • Create own puzzles (e.g. from newspapers)
  • Full statistics (min,max,avg) on puzzle times

Sudoku Pro


Sudoku Pro (SP) 2.0

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